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How do I Create a Web Content Display?

To place an image gallery on your page, follow the instructions found at {How Do I Set Up an Application?}

Like any other app, you can set up the look and feel of this application (see {Look and Feel}) and edit the permissions for this app (see {How Do I Set up Permission?}).

How do I Add Content to a Web Content Display?

To add content to this application, click the Add Web Content icon which resembles a sheet of paper with a green plus mark on it (see first image below). This will take you to the Web Content screen (see second image below). If you have created any blogs, you will notice that the menu and set-up is very similar in a web-content display and a blog.

Add Web Content Icon

Adding Web Content Screen

You will need to give this content a name. This does not display on your application but will help you if you need to find this particular web content display later.

After adding your information, click Save and Approve at the bottom (see image above). This is very important because clicking Save or Save and Continue will create an error when you return to the page.



You can create or edit a Web Content Display using HTML. If you are pasting in HTML, click the Source button on the formatting menu above. This will allow you to input the HTML and “gray out” the other text options on the menu so that you do not accidentally mess up your coding. To go back to the normal screen, just click Source again and this will preview the appearance of your coding.


How do I Edit the Content of a Web Content Display?

To edit your Web Content Display application, click on the Edit Web Content icon which looks like a sheet of paper and a pencil. Be careful not to click the Add Web Content icon because it will remove all of your previous Web Content.

Editing Web Content Display Icon

After editing, you can click Save to return to your page, or Save and Continue if you need to make some further edits. To cancel your changes, you can click either Cancel or Return to Full Page at the right top corner of the screen.


Backup Documents

If you anticipate needing the information you have put in your web content display again, or (if you have a habit of accidentally deleting your information by clicking Add Web Content rather than Edit Web Content) it is smart to keep a back-up of the data. The easiest way to preserve all your formatting, is to click Source, copy the HTML code, click Source again and paste it into a text document like Note-pad. If you are not on your own personal computer, you could always upload it to your MyCollege Document Library or email it yourself.


How do I Copy the Content of a Web Content Display?

Copying the content of a Web Content Display into another Web Content Display can come in handy if you want the same information displayed multiple times. However any changes you make to one of the copies will change all of the copies because they are all coming from the same source.

Select Web Content Icon


To copy the content, click on the new Web Content Display Select Web Content (it will resemble a gear) icon (see image above). Down towards the bottom of the screen, you will see all of your created web content displays. They will be listed in creation date order (oldest to newest) and, depending on how many you've made, there maybe multiple pages. Once you have found the correct one, click on it (see first image below) and then click Return to Full Page at the top right hand corner of the screen. Returned back to your page, you should see that the new Web Content Display reflects identically whatever you asked it to copy (see second image below).

Two Web Content Displays with Identical Information

If you need just the basic data or format from the original, and then you wish to edit it, the best option is to go into the original, click Source and copy all of the code. Click Return to Full Page and go into a new content display, click Source, paste the code, click Source again, make your alterations and click Save and Approve.