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Welcome to Getting the Most Out of Your Profile! This section will help you learn how to do basic things, such as updating your account information and uploading profile image, as well as slightly more complicated things like adding a page to your profile and creating content for it.

Hopefully, your profile at Broome Community College will come in handy interacting with other students and showcasing your personality, interests and talents.

To get started, please select a tutorial from the menu on the left.

NOTE: Not all of the Tutorials have been finished, BUT they will be uploaded soon. So check back.

Handy Tips

The following are some tips to help you navigate these tutorials

What is This Funny Box?

Occasionally, tips will be scattered throughout the tutorials and will have this appearance. Usually, the tips will help expound upon something mentioned in the tutorial or just be a helpful bit of information.


Tutorial Images

Most screen-caps that are in the tutorials will be directly above or below the paragraphs that discuss them, with a thick red-brown border. These screen-captures are meant to help you but, depending on your browser and OS, your screen might look slightly different.



The various tutorials have been placed into categories. So, for example, to reach the tutorial on Page Types, you would click My Pages on the left menu or go to the top of the page on the left, find" Getting the Most of Out of Your Profile" and select the drop-down My Pages. If you don't see what your looking for on menu on the left, it may be towards the end, so be sure to scroll downward or click to the next page of tutorials.