Page Types

  • Portlet
    • Allows you to place apps or portlets freely on the page. Most of the time, this is the page type that you will wish to use.
  • Panel
    • Creates a menu of options on the left. When an option is selected, the content shows up on the right.
  • Embedded
    • Lets you place a website inside of your page.
  • Web Content
    • You can take the Web ID number from a web-content display application (click on edit Web application and then copy the ID number above the Web content name) and turn it into a full-size page.
  • URL
    • Clicking on this new page will now take you to the website you’ve chosen.
  • Link to Page
    • Clicking on this new page takes you to your page, the one that you’ve selected. In essence, it allows you to use this page as nothing more than a link.