First Method

The first method is to go to your account and click MyPages on the left sidebar. This will bring up the MyPages screen.

From here, you can create a “child” page for one of your default “parent” pages. The default parent pages are: Profile, Friends, My ePortfolio and My Blogs, you can see them listed under your name on the MyPages screen (see below).

Image of My Pages Screen

Parent Pages? Child Pages?

The important pages (Parent Pages) of your profile serve as an “index” for your other pages. Child pages are less important than Parent Pages and operate as “sub-pages”.

Child Page

To create a child page, click on the parent page you would like to place it under. For this tutorial, I will be creating a child page called “Message Board” for My Blogs, so I would click on My Blogs and type in “Message Board” in the text-box next to name (above image). I want my page to be a portlet page so I selected “portlet” from the drop down and I wanted my new page to be visible so I did not click hide. For my page to have some of the features that my parent page had, I clicked copy parent and clicked Add Page.

Image - Page Editing

Editing My Page

To edit my page, I would click on the black tab named Page next to the Children tab above my new page information. Your screen should now look like the image above.

You can change the name of your page, give your page an HTML title, change your page’s type (see Page Types) or turn it into a hidden page. For those who are more advanced in web "Know-How", there are drop-down options at the bottom that can allow you to add Metatags, Javascript or Metarobots.

You can also set up permissions for the page by clicking Permissions at the bottom. When you are finished editing, click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Permissions allow you to set who can see and edit this page. You will want to be very, very careful who you give power to.

Deleting My Page

To delete your page, click Delete at the bottom of the Page screen.

Second Method

The second way to make a new page is to go to one of your pages (My Blog, Profile, etc) and go to Menu on the right top menu, then click on Add Page (see below, left).

A text-box will appear next to your other community pages (see below, right). Type in the name of your new page and click the green checkmark. To cancel your page, click the red “x”. 

Image of Adding Page Image Naming Page

Editing My Page

Automatically, your blank page will be created as a parent page and show up to the right of your other parent pages. To move its position, you can drag it in between two other parent pages.

To switch your new page to a child page, grab your page and drag it on top of the parent page you want it to be “housed” under (see below). In this tutorial, I am dragging my new page “Message Board” onto “My Blogs”.

Specific editing work of this page can be done by using the control panel as in method one, or by clicking Menu and then Manage Pages.

Image Dragging Page

Deleting My Page

You can delete your page by clicking on the orange and white minus symbol above the page (Image 7). If you are having with this method of deletion, try using the first method through the control panel or through Menu, Manage Pages.

Image Deleting Page