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Accessing Your Account Accessing Your Account


How to Get There

To get to your account, click on the Menu button at the top right of the screen (Image 1). This will activate a drop-down menu, locate MyAccount and click on it. You should now be at your account page.

Menu to Account

What Can I Do Here

Using your account, you can change your password, upload a profile image, add basic information about yourself, link your account to social networking sites like Facebook and more.

How Do I Change or Add My Information How Do I Change or Add My Information


Adding Information

It is easy to change your information in your account. Most of your information can be simply typed in or selected from drop-down menus.

If you are looking to change a certain piece of information, looking at the sidebar on the right with all the various options and select the "tab" that seems most appropriate.

Adding Birthday Information

You can input your birthday by two methods. With the first method, you can selecting the right day, month and year by using the drop down lists. You can also click the calendar icon, select the month and year and click on the your birth-date.


How Do I Upload a Profile Picture How Do I Upload a Profile Picture


How to Add a Profile Picture

To upload an image for your profile, click on the Change button beneath the default image. You can upload your new picture by clicking Browse on the pop-up screen.

Image Size Example

Navigate through your computer’s files, select your picture and click Open on the upload screen and then Save (see bottom image)Your profile should be a jpeg or gif image of 120 pixels (height) by 100 pixels (width) (see the image size example above).



You can resize your image using a program like Photoshop or a free image editing website like Photobucket.


How Do I Change my Password How Do I Change my Password


How Do I Change My Password?

This function is currently unable to be used. As soon as it is corrected, this tutorial will be properly updated.

Random Password

The random password does not reset your password for you. It is merely a suggestion. If you want that password, you have to manually type it into the “New Password” text-box.

Best Passwords

The best passwords have both letters and numbers in them with a capitalized letter thrown in at the middle or at the end.

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