How to

Accessing the Calendar

Method One

Click on the "My" logo on the left top corner of the screen. This will bring you to the homepage. The calendar is in the middle column, beneath the messages application.

Image of Homepage Calendar

Method Two

Click on the calendar symbol beneath the "My" logo on the left top corner of the screen. This will how an abbreviated version of the calendar. You will not see everything, but the navigation is similar to what is described beneath.

Image of Method 2 View

Navigating the Homepage Calendar

The homepage calendar, is the entire school's calendar of events. You can check this calendar to see what days the college is closed and what events are going on at the college.

Clicking on the Today button will return you to the current date if you have navigated away from it. The blue arrows next to it will switch to the previous or coming month. Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the current month will show you a mini-calendar with the month you are currently viewing highlighted in a light blue and the current day highlighted in yellow (see image below).

Image of Mini Calendar

To the right of the calendar screen are more options. Clicking on Print will allow you to print out a copy of the calendar. Selecting Week will show you the events for the week you've selected. Month is the standard default view of the entire month (see image below). Clicking Agenda will show all of the events in a "planner" type view.

Image of Other View of the Homepage Calendar

Clicking the drop-down arrow next to Agenda will allow you to check or uncheck the events that are relevant to you (i.e. unclick the clubs you are not involved with).

Image of Event Types

Creating a Calendar

To create a calendar on one of your pages, navigate to the page you would like to add it to and follow the instructions located at {Creating Applications}.

The default on the Calendar Application's permissions depends on what page it is deployed on. You may need to change permissions so that only you can see it, so you can use it to input your school schedule. However, if you want the calendar to be more of a community calendar, you can change the Permissions (see {How Do I Set Up Permissions?} so it can be viewed by others. To set who can add events and export events, click Permissions to the right of the Add Event button.

Image of Calendar Default

Navigating the Calendar

On the main page of the calendar, the default Summary view, you can click the days of the month to view the events of that day. Besides the summary view, you can also view the calendar by day, week, month, year and event by clicking the tabs near the top of the application. To return the calendar's main page, click Return to Full Page on the upper right hand corner.

Adding an Event

You can add an event by clicking on Add Event on the main page of the calendar (the Summary tab, see first image below), the Day tab, Week tab, Month tab or Events tab (see second image below).

Image of My Calendar

Image of Events Page

This will take you the Add Event screen (see image below) where you can set the start date of the event, set the duration (how long the event will last) or if it is a new event. You can name the event and add a description and, by using the drop down next to type, you can set what type of event it is (i.e. Anniversary, TV Show, Class, etc). Beneath the Save and Cancel buttons are options to repeat the event (like if you have a class that meets at the same time every week, etc) and set an end date for the event or not. Also, you can set reminders to be sent to your email or to instant messaging, etc. To save the event, click Save.

Image of Add Event Screen

Editing an Event

To edit an event, locate it on the calendar and click Actions to the right of the event and then Edit (see image below). This will bring you to a screen almost identical to the Add Event screen (see image above) where you can make your changes and click Save.

To delete an event, click Actions, Delete and on the pop-up click OK to truly delete the item.

You can also set who can delete, set permissions, update and view each event by clicking Actions and then Permissions.

Image of Editing an Event


Exporting or Importing the Calendar

You can export the calendar (save it your computer) by clicking the Export/Import tab and clicking the Export button (see image below). You can also import a calendar from your computer by clicking Browse, locating the calendar and clicking Open and then Import.

To export a single event, click Actions, Export and clicking OK on the pop-up to save the event on your computer.

Image of Export/Import Screen