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How Do I Create a Blog?

From the home page of MyCollege (which can be accessed easily by clicking on the "My logo on the left top corner of the screen), click on the my communities symbol. On the scroll down menu, select MyCommunities and then select MyBlogs.

This screen shows your recent blogs and the recent blogs of others. You can create a new blog by clicking on the Add Blog Entry button on the right. If you have already posted a blog and want to start a new one, this option might not be readily apparent. To reach the Add Blog Entry button, click on Blogs (small text directly above the title of your other blog). The image below has a photoshopped red circle to show you the Blogs text.

Image of Blogs Button

This will take you to a new form (see image below) where you can start writing your blog. You will need to put something as the title and note the date that you created this post and write something truly profound as your blog...or not. You can also edit the appearance of your blog post by the many content options.

Image of Blog Add Entry Form

Can I Create a Blog App Anywhere?

Students cannot normally place blogs on their pages. Instead, they can use their blog app on their profile's blog page. However, if someone has been given admin-like powers, they may be able to place the blog app in more locations.


When you have finished writing and stylizing your post, you can type in some tags and click Add Tags. If you are not sure what tags to use, you can click the Select Tags button (see image below) and search for relevant tags. Check the ones you want and click Save. Also, you can determine your permissions and decide whether you want your post to be public or not.

Image of Search Tags

If your post is ready for the world, you can click the Publish (see image below) button at the bottom. If you’ve decided that your post was dreadful and should be deleted for all eternity, click Cancel and it will vanish and send you back to the Blog screen.

To edit it, find your post and click Edit.

Image of Publish Button on Add Entry Blog



You can create or edit a blog using HTML. If you are pasting in HTML, click the Source button the formatting menu above. This will allow you to input the HTML and “gray out” the other text options on the menu so that you do not accidentally mess up your coding. To go back to the normal screen, just click Source again and this will preview the appearance of your coding.

Image of Blog Example

Finding a Blog

To search through blogs, go to your profile page, MyBlogs, and type in some of the tags or keywords that were used for that blog in the text-box at the right.

You could also pick a recent blogger’s post and click on that.

Posting to Another Blog Site

You can add your post to another blogging site that you may have, like Blinklist, Digg or Technorati.

To start this process, click Add This To (above the rating stars) and select the site you would like to add your blog to. You’ll have to sign into their website and follow their steps.

Rating the Blog

You can rate your blog and other people’s blog. Also, you can see the average rating of this blog post.

Blog’s have a rating system shown by star icons. Like with hotels or businesses, one star is poor and five stars is excellent.

To rate a blog, hover your mouse over the last number of how many you want to give the blog and click (for example if you want to give a blog a rating of four out of five, click the fourth star from the left).

Subscribing to a Blog

Finally, you can subscribe to this blog or blogger and get updates on new content sent to you via Live Bookmarks. To do this, click Subscribe To This Blog (beneath the rating stars) and follow the instructions.

Flagging a Blog

You can click Flag (next to the little flag symbol) and report spam blogs or inappropriate blogs.

Commenting on a Blog

You can also view comments on blogs by scrolling to the bottom of the blog post. If you will be the first person commenting, click 0 Comments by the poster's name. A section of screen will be added to the bottom of the blog app. Clicking on Previous or Next will allow you to scroll through the comments that have been left.

To add a comment, you click on Add Comment and type your message in the text-box. Clicking Reply will post your type while clicking Cancel will delete your text.

You can delete your own replies by clicking Delete and you can change your reply by clicking Edit. The Top option will move your screen to the first reply to the blog. You can also give replies a thumbs up or thumbs down by clicking on the symbols next to the profile image of the person who has replied.

Image of Commenting on a Blog