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What Are Applications?

Applications (synonymous with portlets) are small “gadgets” or programs that you can place on your page.

On the MyCollege portal, they look like little windows or screens that are placed around the pages. Below you can see an example of my blog page with all sorts of apps on it. Usually apps have a header (a black bar with gold text) that tells you what that application is or has been named. The very text that you are reading has been placing in a Web Content Display application.

Some applications are locked to students but there are plenty available to make your pages useful, interesting and personal. To read an overview of what kind of applications are available to you check out Applications Overview below.

Image of Apps Example

Apps Examples

The above image is how a page (in this case, my blog page) might look. The below image is the same page but color coded and titled in Photoshop to show you how each unit is a different application.


Image of App Example Colored