How to

Applications Overview

There are a wide variety of applications, or portlets, that are available for you to put on your page. This section gives you an overview of some of your options.

Apps Examples

  • Activities
    • Creates a list of your recent actions
  • Blogs Aggregator
    • Lists any recent blogs
  • Calendar
    • Creates a calendar to put events and reminders in.
  • Dictionary
    • Type in a word and you’re sent to that word’s entry on a dictionary website.
    • Comes with a thesaurus.
  • Document Library
    • Creates a place to store downloadable documents in created folders.
    • You can also place links to these documents in your blogs, messageboards, etc.
  • Image Gallery
    • Creates a place to store downloadable images in created folders.
    • You can also use these images on your page
  • Friends
    • A listings of all of your friends
  • Friends Activities
    • Creates a list of all you friends recent activity
  • Google Gadget
    • Lets you place a Google Gadget on your page
  • My Messages
    • Creates a place for you to check your messages.
  • Message Board
    • Creates a message board where you can chat with your friends about whatever topics you choose.
  • My Communities
    • Creates an app that allows you to view your current communities and which ones are available to you.
  • Polls
    • Place an app that will allow you to create a poll
  • QuickNote
    • Creates a virtual “post-it-note” for you to write reminders on.
  • Summary
    • Places a “mini profile” of you on the page
  • Unit Converter
    • A gadget that allows you to convert measurements to other forms of measure (inches to meters, etc)
  • Wall
    • A place for you to make announcement or news on
  • Wiki
    • An Editable Wikipedia is started on your page.
Google Gadgets

Google gadgets can be games, quote or pictures rotators, news feeds, calendars or virtual pets. Use common sense though and don’t pick one you could get in trouble for.