How to

How to Get There

On the right top of an app (one that belongs to you or you have permission to edit), there is a tiny wrench symbol. Click on that and then select Configuration (see image below).

Image of Configuration

What Can I Do Here?

While these options may change depending on the type of app, usually, you can use it set up your app, set the permissions for your app, take the code so you can share your app on another website or decide the app's scope (will it be on this page or on others).

How Do I Set Up Permissions?

After getting to configuration (see instructions above), you can start assigning who you will allow to view or edit this app by, naturally, clicking on the Permissions tab.

You can give individuals or groups the ability to view or edit your app by clicking check-marks on the boxes next to their names. Usually, you will want to reserve editing power for yourself. To save your choices, click Submit at the bottom.

Image of Permissions Screen

To go back to the page that your app is on, click Return to Full Page (see image below) on the upper right.

Image of Return to Full Page


Be very, very careful who you allow to configure your apps. They would have power to edit your app and to give permissions to other people, and, they could, potentially, create a lot of damage.

How Do I Share My App?

While it may take a little work to figure this out, you can share your app by clicking the Sharing tab, locating the option that is closest to the web-site your are looking to share to and taking the URL of the app, copying the code or following the instructions found there (see image below).

For some apps, you may not be allowed to share them.

Image of Sharing Application