SUNY General Education

Advisement for SUNY General Education Requirements

The SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER) enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs and professions.

The SUNY-GER is required for all bachelor's degree candidates.*  Every four-year SUNY campus has a general education curriculum that reflects the SUNY-GER and is designed to provide a solid foundation for your college education and make transfers within SUNY as smooth and seamless as possible.

How SUNY-GER Works

If you entered SUNY in fall 2010 or later, to earn a SUNY bachelor's degree, you must earn 30 credits in at least seven of the following ten SUNY-GER subject areas, and demonstrate two competencies:


  • Mathematics (required)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • American History
  • Western Civilization
  • Other World Civilizations
  • Humanities
  • The Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Basic Communication (required)


  • Critical Thinking (required)
  • Information Management (required)

*If you entered SUNY between fall 1998 and fall 2009, you may need to complete a course in each of the ten areas, but your advisor may be able to tell you about other options. If you entered SUNY before fall 1998, the SUNY-GER may not apply. A very limited number of majors at some four-year campuses may not require the entire SUNY-GER. Check with your intended four-year campus for more information.


How to Fulfill Your SUNY-GER

Students who know where they wish to transfer within SUNY should seek advisement on the best set of courses to take as many individual SUNY campuses also have local general education requirements which could significantly impact optimal course selection. In general, if you earn a grade of C or higher in a SUNY-GER course, you will have satisfied the general education component for that course at every SUNY campus.

Some requirements may be met based upon high school course work such as, AP, IB, CLEP or prior college credits.  Students who have completed 3 years of sequential Regents level foreign language in high school with 85% or above on the Regents exams may qualify for a waiver in the foreign language knowledge and skill area.

Completion of the SUNY General Education requirements IS NOT a requirement to graduate from BCC. However, many SUNY four-year institutions expect students to complete the entire SUNY-GER (30 credits) as part of their AA or AS degree program prior to transfer.

To view the complete list of approved BCC courses meeting SUNY General Education requirements, go to:

SUNY Broome Community College SUNY General Education Requirements (SUNYGER)(PDF) - For Liberal Arts Students Only

Students may search for approved SUNY-GER courses by selecting the appropriate Course Attribute on the BCC course schedule.