Parking Information


PURPOSE: To ensure that stated SUNY Broome Community College Policy is adhered to by all; to reserve parking facilities for those authorized; to maintain effective control over all parking facilities; to establish a procedure for handling and removal of violators' vehicles; to establish procedures to accomplish the above; to establish forms for accomplishing the above.

I. General Policy

A. The General Parking Policy of the College is as follows:

  1. To provide adequate student, faculty/staff, and emeritus employee parking.
  2. To provide appropriate parking for handicapped persons.
  3. To provide visitors access to parking areas.
  4. To provide separate parking for faculty/staff, administrators, and students.
  5. To provide unrestricted parking (in regularly designated parking lots) for the Board of Trustees.
  6. To adopt certain regulations to accomplish the above as well as to insure the safe and efficient use of parking facilities.
  7. To tow or place a wheel lock, at the violator's expense, on all vehicles of persons who excessively violate any of the regulations or commit an offense that requires towing in the interest of operations or applied safety (i.e. impeding the flow of traffic, pedestrians, or emergency response efforts).

II. Forms

A. This Policy Establishes the Following Forms, and Form Letters:

  1. Parking permit (Faculty/Staff or Student, etc.).
  2. Form letter entitled "SUNY Broome Community College Parking Regulations and Procedures."
  3. Notice of Violation (ticket).

III. Registration

A. Student Parking Permits (decal sticker):

  1. All students must register for the parking permit for their primary vehicle by logging in to MyCollege. Students must then properly display/fully affix it to their primary vehicle.
  2. Parking permit can be picked up in the Office of Public Safety.  For permit pickup, students will need to bring the following:  Current  DMV registration and driver's license or a current photo ID.  Students have to pick up their own permit decal. They cannot have someone else pick the permit up for them.  Permits will not be mailed to students. 
    Note: Night students should contact the Office of Public Safety for guidance if they are having problems picking up the parking permit
  3. Permit placement is in the front windshield, passenger side, lower corner, and it must be fully affixed. Only one BCC parking permit (current permit for academic year) can be displayed at a time.  See parking map for permit placement diagram.
  4. If a student changes any vehicle information, Public Safety must be notified within five days of the change.
  5. If the vehicle is sold, it is the student's responsibility to remove the permit

B. Faculty/Staff Parking Permits:

  1. All Faculty/Staff must obtain and properly display a hangtag from their vehicle's rearview mirror.
  2. All Faculty/Staff must register their vehicle online during the parking permit enrollment time.  If enrollment time is closed, staff will have to report to the Office of Public Safety for guidance on how to acquire their permit.
  3. Staff are responsible for the compliance with the policies of III-A. 4-5.
  4. Faculty/Staff are allowed to move the hangtag from vehicle to vehicle to accommodate for use of multiple vehicles as long as it is displayed while parking on campus.
  5. Parking permits are assigned for a specific parking lot, and Faculty/Staff have to park in their designated parking lot until 5p.m. After 5p.m., there is open staff parking.
  6. Any copying of hangtags for use is unauthorized, and legal charges can be pressed for such conduct.

C. Handicapped Parking Permits:

  1. SUNY Broome Community College recognizes the Handicapped Parking Permits and License Plates issued by any valid state, county or local government agency (i.e., New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, City of Binghamton, or other local jurisdiction). A copy of the Handicapped Hangtag and driver's license must be submitted to the Office of Public Safety to go on record. This allows the designated parking spaces for handicapped parking to be managed and misuse to be minimized.
  2. Vehicles displaying any valid Handicapped Parking Permit or License Plate may park in designated handicapped spaces in any parking lot on campus. A valid campus permit must also be displayed.
  3. Temporary Handicap Permits can be issued by the Office of Public Safety for up to two weeks until a valid permit can be obtained.  If the Temporary Permit expires prior to receipt of a valid permit, the Temporary Permit may be extended one week.  See the Office of Public Safety for an extension.  All Temporary Handicap Permits issued by the Office of Public Safety are only good on the BCC campus.
  4. Wheelchair access spaces are reserved for individuals with wheelchairs only, and they are clearly marked with signs or markings painted on the parking surface.  

D. Motorcycle Parking Permits:

  1. For the purpose of this section, motorcycle shall mean motorcycles, motor scooters, or motorbikes.
  2. All such motorcycles are subject to the same restrictions as other vehicles.
  3. Motorcycles must be registered and have a decal affixed in the proper spot to be parked on campus.
  4. If you are registering a motorcycle as your only vehicle, you may do so on-line as you would a car.  If you are registering a motorcycle in addition to your car, please bring your current registration and photo ID to Public Safety. 
  5. Motorcycle parking is available in the ramp area behind Student Services and is accessed from North College Drive. The designated area for motorcycle parking is a seasonal parking lot due to the snow fall in the winter months. In the transitional months of the winter season, the lot may not be available due to snow fall. Parking is at your own risk. You may also park in any legal parking space as outlined in the Parking Policies and Procedures with a valid campus parking permit/decal.
  6. The permit is to be placed on the left side of the vehicle on the fork or frame and must be visible.

E. Temporary Parking Permits:

  1.  Temporary parking permits are issued on a case-by-case basis.  The individual (student, faculty/staff) is limited to three (3) temporary passes for a semester.  Any additional temporary passes issued to an individual after his/her third pass will be on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Office of Public Safety.   This may be subject to change depending on the situation.  Temporary parking permits can be issued for the following reasons:
    1. Visitors.
    2. Students in Non-Credit programs.
    3. Those with disabilities until Handicapped Parking Permits are issued.
    4. Short-term parking for any non-student needing access to the campus.
    5. An individual's registered vehicle is unavailable / temporary change of vehicle
    6. An individual who is in the process of registering a vehicle.
    7. Faculty/staff who have forgotten their hangtag
      Note: Information that is needed in order to obtain a temporary parking pass is the vehicle license plate number, state of issue, and a photo ID.  Temporary tags are issued at the Office of Public Safety and the reception desk in the Wales building. (See Campus Map)

IV. Regulations

A. Students:

  1. Students may only park in the areas designated as Student Parking areas (also indicated by blue signs).
  2. Any student parking before 5 P.M. in the areas reserved for Faculty/Staff, may be ticketed, wheel-locked, or towed at the student's expense in accordance with this policy.
  3. Any student parking after 5 P.M. can also park in staff lots # 10-16, 18, and 19. Refer to the "Campus Map" for guidance.
  4. Students are not allowed to park in the Visitor's Lot or in lot 17 at any time.
  5. All vehicles must be registered and have a properly displayed parking permit. The decal must be fully affixed by its own adhesive and must be clearly visible.
  6. The applicant must be legally licensed to operate a vehicle.
  7. The vehicle must have a current registration issued from the local DMV in their area and have a current insurance policy that covers the liability of the vehicle and the driver operating it. 
  8. Vehicles that get multiple fines can be wheel-locked (immobilized) or towed at the registered owner's expense for continuous violation of the parking rules and regulations of the campus.
  9. All students are responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations set forth in this policy.

B. Student Village Resident Parking

  1. 7 days a week from 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Resident students can park in student lots 1 – 8.
  2. After 5:00 P.M., Resident students can park in Faculty and Staff lots 12-18 with the exception of lots 17 & Visitors. Do not park in these 24/7.
  3. Overnight parking is from 11:00 P.M. – 7:00 A.M. You must park in lot 6.  Failure to park in this lot will result in tickets.
  4. Resident guests:  Resident guests must obtain a guest parking pass from the security desk. Photo ID, license plate state and number must be provided.  A temporary parking pass will be issued and must be displayed on the rear view mirror.  Resident guest parking is in lot 6.  Failure to follow these steps will result in tickets.

C. Faculty/Staff

  1.  Faculty/Staff may park only in the areas designated as staff parking areas. The only exceptions to this rule is:
    1. Unable to a find parking space in an assigned lot: A temporary pass may be obtained and displayed in the vehicle for another staff lot.  Temporary tags are issued at the Office of Public Safety or at the reception desk in the Wales Building. (See Campus Map)
    2. Any Faculty/Staff not parking in their designated parking area before 5 P.M. may be ticketed, wheel-locked, or towed at their expense in accordance with this policy.
  2. All Faculty/Staff are responsible for knowing and following the rules and regulations set forth in this policy.
  3. Faculty/Staff with outstanding violations must satisfy all outstanding fines prior to being able to register a vehicle or on termination of employment. (See Section VIII "Fees, Fines and Penalties")
  4. All vehicles coming on campus must be registered for a parking permit.
  5. Faculty/Staff must comply with sections, IV-A. 6-9 that apply to student parking regulations.
  6. Faculty/Staff who drive motorcycles must obtain a Motorcycle Parking Permit.
  7. Only one vehicle per Faculty/Staff member is permitted to be parked on campus at any given time.

D.  Visitors:

  1. Visitors must obtain and properly display a campus visitor's pass from the Office of Public Safety or at the reception desk in the Wales building. (See Campus Map)
  2. Visitors must park in accordance with all parking and driving regulations.
  3. Students and Faculty/Staff are not allowed to park in the Visitor's Lot at any time. 
  4. Library Guests – Guests must be issued a Community User's Borrowers Card. This card entitles the user the following Parking: Lot 18 directly behind the Library building has open parking Monday – Friday from 5pm – 10pm and Saturday and Sunday when the Library is opened. Guests using the Library other time will need to go to Public Safety to get a parking permit.

E.  Overnight Parking:

  1. No person (student, faculty/staff) shall park any vehicle on the SUNY Broome Community College Campus between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. unless the Office of Public Safety is notified and permission is granted or are residents of Student Village.
  2. There is a specific area used for parking vehicles for overnight trips, sporting events, and conferences.  If this area is requested for such purposes, the Office of Public Safety is to be notified accordingly.
  3. SUNY Broome Community College will not be liable for any vehicles parked on campus overnight. Owners of vehicles parked on campus overnight take full responsibility for anything that happens to a vehicle while it is parked on campus.
  4. Vehicles may be removed from campus if there is a safety concern with the location or condition of the vehicles.
  5. Vehicles may be removed from campus for emergency situations or for inclement weather conditions.

F. Parking in Designated Lots:

  1. No person shall park any vehicle on the SUNY Broome Community College Campus:
    1. In any area designated Faculty/Staff parking without displaying a corresponding Faculty/Staff or Handicapped parking permit.
    2. In any parking area designated student parking without displaying a Student or Handicapped parking permit.
  2. Vendors displaying a vendor permit shall be allowed use of a general parking space near their area of service.
  3. Holders of N or T permits shall be allowed to park in any valid general parking space during their typical times of conducting business on campus.
  4. Special circumstances for Faculty/Staff parking:
    Temporary passes need to be obtained from the Public Safety Parking Office if a faculty/staff member needs to park in a lot they are not assigned to. This could include coming on campus outside normal business hours or conducting business in a location not near the faculty/staff member's assigned lot.

G.  Other:
SUNY Broome Community College reserves the right to designate and limit other parking spaces on campus for use by specific individuals which may include, but is not limited to, the President, Student Assembly President, etc.

V. Parking Map

SUNY Broome's parking map can be found at:

VI. Appeals

Parking Appeals Procedure
Individuals may appeal a parking citation. The appeal must be submitted online at within seven (7) business days from the date of the ticket issuance.
The submission should clearly identify the basis for the appeal. The following is a sampling of situations that are NOT appealable:
  1. Parking without a permit * 

  2. Failure to display a parking permit 

  3. A lack of knowledge of the parking policies and procedures.
  4. A lost ticket 

  5. Forgetfulness - ex. "I forgot to switch my tag" 

  6. Only parked for a short period 

  7. Not seeing the signs 

  8. Late for class/ work 

  9. Someone, besides Public Safety, told me I could park there
  10. There was no space available in my lot 

  11. Parking in handicap spaces without proper identification 

  12. Parking in fire zones 

  13. Tickets that are beyond seven (7) business days old 

  14. Wheel lock/immobilization offense and associated fees

* STUDENTS: If you receive a ticket for parking without a permit in a student lot (D01), you may have your first ticket waived if, within 3 business days, you register your vehicle in the Public Safety office. To do this please bring in your ticket, your photo ID, and your DMV registration to Public Safety and pick-up your decal

The Chair of the Parking Appeals Board, or designee, will review the appeal submission and determine if a board hearing should be granted. Notification of the decision will be made to the student within three (3) business days.
Should the Chair find that the information presented by the individual warrants an appeal board hearing, the Chair will call together the Parking Appeals Board to hear the case.
If an appeal is granted:
If an individual is granted the opportunity to appeal, all attempts will be made to have the appeal hearing within ten (10) business days of the Chair's decision. The individual appealing may, or may not participate in the appeals hearing. The decision is solely that of the individual appealing.
Hearings conducted by the Parking Appeals Board are not a court of law and not bound by the technical rules of evidence but may hear or receive any testimony or evidence which is relevant and material to the issuance of the citation and which will contribute to a full and fair consideration of the appeal.
The hearing is not open to the campus public.
The individual failing to appear before the Parking Appeals Board will not hinder the Parking Appeals Board from conducting its hearing.
The Parking Appeals Board will consider all information gathered during the hearing and render a decision. The individual will be informed of the decision in writing within three (3) business days of the hearing.
Parking Appeals Board may:

  1. Grant the appeal and dismiss the citation
  2. Deny the appeal and citation  remains as issued 

The decision of the Parking Appeals Board is final and binding. 

VII. Enforcement of Regulations

A.  Objective:

  1. The primary objective of enforcement is:
    1. To assure safe and ample parking.
    2. To assure safe access to roadways, exits, entrances, ramps, fire lanes, etc.
    3. To achieve voluntary compliance with the regulations.

B.  Types of Enforcement:

  1. Verbal
  2. Issuance of Warnings, Tickets
  3. Towing of violating vehicles or use of wheel locks
  4. College sanctions may be issued
  5. Civil and/or Criminal sanctions may be issued

C.  Enforcement of Parking Regulations:

  1. The operator of a vehicle shall be liable for the fines or penalties imposed by the Office of Public Safety. The owner of the vehicle, even if not the operator, shall be jointly liable with the operator. If such vehicle is used or operated with the permission of the owner, express or implied, the owner may recover any fine or penalties paid by him from the operator.
  2. No parking is permitted in or on any of the following areas during any time period, unless authorized by the President of the college or his designee.
    1. Parking on Roadways —no person shall leave a vehicle on the SUNY Broome Community College Campus:
      1) Unattended upon any roadway.
      2) In any area where parking is prohibited or restricted by signs or painted symbols on the ground.
      3) Standing upon any roadway or in any restricted area unless it is under the immediate control of the operator at all times.
    2. Parking in a restricted area – no person shall park a vehicle on the SUNY Broome Community College Campus:
      1) In any area designated as a handicapped parking space by a posted sign or symbol painted on the pavement, unless they display a valid state, county or local government handicapped parking permit.
      2) At any wheelchair ramp or curb cut.
      3) Upon any lawn or grassy area on the campus unless specifically authorized to do so by the President of the college or his designee.
      4) In front of any loading area.
      5) In any fire zones. Fire zones for the purpose of this parking area mean any area where parking would restrict the movement of emergency vehicles or where posted signs or painted symbols on the pavement prohibit parking for such purposes.
      6) In any roped-off or barricaded area or any other area that is designated as a reserved area or safety area. 
      7) Parking a vehicle within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant except when such vehicle is attended by a licensed operator who is in the front seat and who can immediately move the vehicle in an emergency, unless a different distance is indicated by official signs or markings.
      8) On a sidewalk.
      9) On a crosswalk.
      10) Such as to cause a vehicle to be denied the ability to exit (ex. blocking entrances, double or triple parking).
      11) Outside defined parking spaces (i.e., over lines, double and triple parked).
      12) Note: For the first two weeks of a semester, a grace period will be active in student lots.  No D01 citations will be issued while students acquire their parking decals.

VIII. Fees, Fines and Penalties Schedule

A.  Fees:

  1. A $90 Transportation fee is assessed for the academic year.
  2. A $25 fee is assessed for alumni vehicle registration.
  3. A $20 fee is assessed for summer vehicle registration.

B.  Fines:

  1. No current vehicle registration decal — $15
  2. Parking Violation (each offense) — $15
  3. Unauthorized parking in a Handicap/Access area or Fire Zone — $25
  4. Obstructing traffic/pedestrian movement —$25
  5. The third or more violation(s) are subject to a double fine.
  6. Wheel lock/immobilization offense — violations plus $50 (cannot be appealed)
  7. Towing offense — violations plus costs and fees to outside towing companies
  8. Decal not properly affixed/ location — $5

C.  Penalties:

  1. Fines not paid within 30 calendar days from the date of issuance will be doubled.
  2. The appeal of any violation does not prevent the unpaid fine from doubling after 30 calendar days.
  3. Unpaid student fines and costs will result in a "hold" being placed on registration and transcripts.
  4. Faculty/Staff with outstanding violations must satisfy all outstanding fines prior to being able to register a vehicle or on termination of employment.
  5. Other charges associated with towing or the application and removal of the wheel lock are the responsibility of the violator/vehicle owner.

1) Due to liability reasons, the Office of Public Safety Officers are not allowed to perform the following requests:

  1. Vehicle unlocks
  2. Vehicle boost/jump starts

2) The Office of Public Safety reserves the right to make changes to the Parking Regulations & Procedures to better serve the campus and all its attendees.  A current copy of the parking regulations can be viewed online at: