Online Writing Assistance

The SUNY Broome Writing Center offers Online Writing Assistance during the Fall and Spring semesters. We regret that, due to staffing and technical limitations, we cannot support online consultation requests during the summer.

Because online appointments in their current configuration are less effective than face-to-face sessions, we encourage those students who can visit the Writing Center in person to do so. Online appointments will be offered Only to those students who are enrolled exclusively in online, off campus evening, and/or weekend Classes (in other words, those who are not otherwise on campus during weekdays when the Writing Center is open).

  • You must request an online tutoring session at least 48 weekday hours prior to the date that your assignment is due.
  • We will try to provide feedback in a timely manner; as a general rule, expect a response during the next operating day after the request is received, although longer may be required if the volume level of online requests is high.
  • SUNY Broome writing tutors are trained and experienced in responding to writing, so they can help you with writing concerns such as organization, clarity, style, transitions, and other generic criteria for academic writing. While we will address sentencelevel concerns (if you request assistance), we will NOT edit or proofread your work. Instead, we can point to patterns of error in your writing and suggest ways for you to develop your editing skills.


  • Before you submit your draft, please reread your draft carefully and critically, checking to see how it matches the criteria specified by your instructor.
  • Copy and paste the following questions/prompts into an email. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. Attach a copy of the assignment and your draft (in Word). 
    Send to:
  • The online writing tutor will respond as outlined above.
    1. Why are you requesting online writing tutorial assistance (for example: are you taking only online courses, or what personal circumstances make it impossible to come to the Writing Center during business hours)?
    2. What is your first and last name?
    3. What is your SUNY Broome ID number (from the back of your ID card)?
    4. For what Course (Name, Number & Section) is the assignment being done?
    5. For what Professor/Instructor is the assignment being done?
    6. Have you visited the Writing Center before (either in person or online)? If so, how many times?
    7. List past and current English (Eng. 090 110, 111, 220, etc.) and “W” (writing emphasis) courses that you have taken/are taking.
    8. Describe the assignment and/or send us a copy of the assignment. Include the due date! (The more information you provide us, the greater the depth of our comments can be.)
    9. What are your specific concerns and questions about your draft?

Writing Center Contact Information: