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Last May, Art Smith and the Foundation hosted our annual student recognition event, attended by over 400 people. More than 220 merit and honor awards were given to outstanding SUNY Broome students for academic achievement, community service and campus activities.

Funding a Scholarship is easy and so rewarding!

Annual Scholarship – will establish a scholarship to award a student(s) for one or more years. It is set up with a minimum amount of $500 to cover the first scholarship award, often with a commitment to replenish the fund each year (preferably by February 1st).

Memorial – is established to honor the life of a deceased family member, friend, or co-worker and may be funded with memorial donations, as an annual award of $500 or more, or as an endowment.

Endowment – is an investment in the future that ensures funds will always be available. This is a special gift that keeps on giving year after year. More than one hundred endowments have been established to fund our mission.

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