Math Lab

Fall 2016 Hours

First week of class
Thursday9 AM3 PM
Friday9 AM3 PM
After Labor Day
Monday9 AM8 PM
Tuesday9 AM10 PM
Wednesday9 AM8 PM
Thursday9 AM10 PM
Friday9 AM4 PM
Saturday1 PM5 PM
Sunday3 PM7 PM

Location: Library, Bottom Floor, L010

Mathematics Lab Phone: 778-5581 

Professional Staff

  • Avery, Margaret Professional Tutor
  • Brown, David Professional Tutor
  • Ellis, Kyle Professional Tutor
  • Leigh, Douglas M. Professional Tutor
  • McClafferty, Leland Professional Tutor
  • Michalak, David Learning Specialist/Math Lab Coordinator
  • Weintraub, David L. Learning Specialist/Math Lab Coordinator
  • Witte, Joy Professional Tutor

Peer Staff

  • TBA

Full-time Faculty Volunteers (1 hour/week)

  • TBA

Math Lab services

  • Unlimited walk in Math tutoring
  • 1 on 1 tutoring sessions by appointment (30 minutes each)
  • Professional Math tutoring
  • Peer Math tutoring
  • Tutoring by BCC math faculty
  • Computer aided assistance
  • Retired text books for loan
  • Current textbooks for use while in Math Lab
  • Computers

More about the Math Lab

The Math Lab is a tutorial center for students taking any mathematics course offered at the college. Students with all ability levels are welcomed by our staff of professional and peer tutors. Many full-time members of the Math Department spend an office hour in the lab each week and several part-time faculty members work with the staff to provide individual and small group assistance. The minimum math competency level required of peer tutors is calculus. Besides tutorial services, students are encouraged to use our media collection to augment class lectures. They may borrow retired textbooks for additional exercises. The Math Lab also has computers which include the general software a student finds on campus, as well as full Internet access. Software that is course specific has been installed to allow students to work with or without a tutor. During the first week of classes, an introduction to the Math Lab is given to each basic math class. This ensures that students in the MAT 090 sections are able to find the Math Lab and understand how it can assist them. Available services and rules of use are explained at this time. Students who begin using the Math Lab at this level continue to use our services through their math courses here at SUNY BCC.