SUNY Broome Community College welcomes students from all over the world to study on our campus! Your presence enriches our classrooms, campus, and community. We are here to assist you with the admission process from application to visa to arrival. We hope that you will find SUNY Broome to be the best choice for you.

As an international student, you may decide to study English for a semester, earn a degree in a specific career field, or continue your education at a four year university after attending SUNY Broome. We can help you achieve your educational and career goals.

The first step is to apply!

Who is an International Student?

International Student is a popular term for the more precise, Foreign Student - a student who is in the United States as a "non-immigrant," for example, with a temporary visa like F-1 Student. The term does not technically include the many students at SUNY Broome who are foreign-born, for example U.S. Permanent Residents, refugees and other Visas (H4, etc.). 
Students studying here under a Transfer Agreement or Cooperative Agreement under their home university should follow the enrollment checklist that corresponds with their home university:

  • University de Celaya - Celaya, Mexico 
  • Novosibirsk State University – Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Fundación Universitaria Tecnológico Comfenalco – Cartagena, Colombia

[Checklists to be provided soon]

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