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Curricular learning communities are defined as "classes that are linked or clustered during an academic term, often around an interdisciplinary theme, and enroll a common cohort of students. A variety of approaches are used to build these learning communities, with all intended to restructure the students' time, credit, and learning experiences to build community among students, between students and their teachers, and among faculty members and disciplines"

Liz & Erin: two of our student assistants
Liz & Erin: two of our student assistants

The Integrated College Experience (ICE) will implement a cohesive program designed to increase developmental students’ academic abilities, understanding and commitment to their career major, engagement and satisfaction with their educational experience, and retention rates in coursework toward Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) degree programs. The initial group of students, who place into ENG 090 and RDG courses, will be enrolled in appropriate learning communities. ICE constitutes the first semester of the developmental students’ academic program, which will provide a comprehensive support system, mandatory placement, additional academic, advising, counseling, and social components. ICE is the preliminary step in a developmental model that will follow this cohort into subsequent semesters. We envision expansion of the program to include most Perkins eligible developmental students and will serve as a model for learning communities and related retention efforts campus-wide.

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Some documents tracing the history of earlier attempts to provide structural support for students via linked courses/learning communities and tutorial services (contributed by Susie Williams, who began tutoring and teaching in linked courses in 1989):



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