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Broome Community College Foundation proudly offers grants-in-aid to supplement federal and state financial aid to SUNY Broome students, expanding a tradition begun in 1953 by the College’s Student Aid Association.

Grants-in-Aid: the Awards Process

1. Application: students submit FAFSA Forms, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, to a federal agency that notifies the Financial Aid Office, who prepares students’ financial aid packages.  

2. Selection criteria for each grant are established by the donor’s instructions to the Foundation. Selection is made by the Financial Aid Office in March and April for the upcoming Fall semester. 

3. Payment is made by the Financial Aid Office directly to students’ accounts and is paid over and above federal and state aid. These funds help fill the gap of unmet need by reducing loans first, then work study awards, then any needs-based grants.

Funding a Grant-in-Aid:

Annual Fund: a minimum $500 contribution will establish a GIA for one or more years, with a commitment to replenish the fund each year (preferably by Feb. 1st). 

Endowed Fund

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