Department of Business College-on-the-Weekends Program current course offerings

Now you can return to college on your own terms, with a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Attend classes six weekends per semester, and complete your Associate Degree in Marketing, Management, and Sales. Study on your own schedule. Work when you have to, and spend time with your family as you choose.

Take one, two or three courses and progress at your own pace. You can even combine College on the Weekend with evening or online courses at BCC, and move along more rapidly.

Are regular online classes too unstructured for you?

Do you find yourself needing some personal contact with the instructor of your online class? How about courses in the classroom setting? Do they require too much "seat time" keeping you away from family and friends for extended periods?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then the new hybrid classes in the college-on-the-weekend program may be for you! A hybrid class is a blend between online instruction and the traditional in person classroom course. Weekender offerings are 50/50 hybrids-half of the class is online, half is in the classroom. For instance, a three credit class will meet in the classroom only 19 hours for the whole semester-the rest of the class will be online.

The classroom meetings are uniquely structured. There are only six weekender weekends per semester, spaced two or three weeks apart. On these six weekends only, each class will meet twice. For instance, next semester one of the three credit classes meets Saturday 9:15-10:50am and then again from 1:15-2:50pm. In three weeks, the class meets twice on Saturday again, doing this a total of only 6 times for the semester.

The weekend classes are scheduled so that on those six weekender weekends, you may be able to take two or even three classes.

Interested? Call Department Chairperson Rick Behr at 778-5133.