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Accessing Find Friend Accessing Find Friend


How do I Access Find Friend?

From the home page of MyCollege (which can be accessed easily by clicking on the "My logo on the left top corner of the screen), click on the my communities symbol. On the scroll down menu, select MyCommunities and then select MyFriends. The application will be one of the top right, entitled Find Friend.

How Do I Change My Friend Privacy Settings? How Do I Change My Friend Privacy Settings?


How do I Change My Friend Privacy Settings?

To change your privacy settings from the default (unsearchable) and make yourself "available" to be found by others at Broome, click Privacy Settings to the immediate right of the Search Users button (see image below).

Unclick the check-box next to "Don't allow other people to search for me" and click Save at the bottom and then the black Back button (see image below).

How Do I Find a Friend & Accept a Friend? How Do I Find a Friend & Accept a Friend?


How do I Find a Friend?

Note: You can only find those people who have changed their privacy settings (see above) so that they can be searched for.

You can toggled back and forth between the basic setting and the advanced setting of this application by clicking Advanced when you are on the basic setting (see first image below) and Basic (see second image below) when you are on the advanced setting.

Find Friend Basic

Image of Advanced Setting

You can either type their name into the basic search text-box, or type in the information that you know about the person in the various text-boxes on the advanced setting. After that is completed, click Search Users. If you have a result, you can click Add as a Friend on the one you were looking for.

How do I Accept a Friend?

On the homepage, when you have a friend request, a red box with the number of requests will appear over the Friend Request icon (see image below) which looks like a sheet of paper. Click Friend Request and a pop-up will describe the person requesting "friendship". Click Confirm to add them as your friend. Click Ignore to ignore their offer of "friendship".

Friend Request Icon Image

Now if you navigate to your MyFriend profile page, you will see them listed under the "Friends" application to the lower left of the screen (see first image below). Also, you will now see their activities underneath "Friends' Activities" on the lower right hand side of the page (see second image below).

Image of Friends App

Image of Friends Activities

Staging Enabled