How to

Method One

Every student has a private document library located within their profile pages. Here you can place your documents for your various pages or just house downloadable documents.

From the home page of MyCollege (which can be accessed easily by clicking on the "My" logo on the left top corner of the screen), click on the my communities symbol. On the scroll down menu, select MyCommunity and then select My E-Portfolio.

Image of Accessing Document Library

Hover your mouse over My E-Portfolio and select the drop-down option Briefcase (see first image below). The first application, entitled Document Library, is your private document storage center (see second image below).

Image of How to Get to My Briefcase
Image of My Image Gallery

Method Two

The second method to finding your private image gallery is by clicking Menu on the right-side of the top menu and selecting the drop-down Control Panel (see first image below). On the far left, click Document Library and the right portion of your screen will display your document library (see second image below).

Image of How to Get to Document Library

Image of CP Document Library 

How do I Create Document Library?

To place an image gallery on your page, follow the instructions found at {How Do I Set Up an Application?}

Like any other app, you can set up the look and feel of this application (see {Look and Feel}) and edit the permissions for this app (see {How Do I Set up Permission?}).

Unlike Image galleries, students cannot place Document Libraries on their pages. However, they can deploy Document Library Display applications. The default setting of a Document Library Display is that anyone can see your documents if the application has been placed on a public page.

If you would like a private library display, you will want to edit your permissions. You could also edit your permissions so certain groups could upload documents, etc. Or you could fine-tune your Document Library Display so that certain folders are hidden.

Creating a Folder

You can create a document folder by click Add Folder (see first image below). This will take you a screen where you can input a name and description for your folder, decide whether the folder is public or private and configure your folder further (see second image below). Click Save to save your new folder or Cancel to cancel it.

To create a subfolder, click inside your folder and select Add Subfolder.

Image of Document Library

Image of Add Folder

Uploading A Document

To upload a document, you first have to have a folder created (see above). Select the folder and click Add Document. Inside the add document screen (see image below), you can select Browse to search your computer for the desired document. Once you have located it, click on it and then select Open.

Image of Adding Document Screen

If you would like you can add a name, description, tags and set permissions but none of these are requirements. Click Save to save your new document or Cancel to cancel it. After selecting one of these last two options, you will be sent back to your folder.

Editing A Document

To edit a document, locate it and click on Actions to the far right of the document and then Edit (see image below).

Image of Editing a Document

This will bring up a screen very similar to the add document screen but with this additional information: what version of this document it is, how large it is, how many times the document has been downloaded and the document's URL. You can also move the document to a different folder in this screen.

Click Save to save the changes to your document Cancel to cancel the alterations.

Deleting a Document

To delete a document, locate it and and click on Actions to the far right of the document and then Delete (see image below). A pop-up will ask you if you truly want to delete the document. Click Cancel or OK to delete the image.

Image of How to Delete Document

My Documents

To see all of your documents (regardless of what folders they are in) click on the My Documents tab.

Image of Recent Documents

Recent Documents

To only view the documents that you've recently uploaded, click the Recent Images tab (see image above).

Navigating Help

If you would like more information on how to use these screens, look at {How Do I Find and View My Images?} because the set-up of the Image Gallery application is very similar to that of the Document Library application.