How to

Adding An Application

To place an application, navigate to the page you would like to add the application to. Go to Menu and select Add Application (see first image below). The Add App screen will pop up (see second image below). You can select your application by moving through the categories or by typing the name of your application in the search box.

Placing An Application

To place an application on your page, select it from the list and drag it onto the page (see image below).

Image of Placing an App

Changing Page Layout

For this tutorial, I have added a Message Board to an otherwise empty page and now I will change the page layout so my Message Board fills up the whole page. I go up to Menu and select Layout Template . This will bring me to the Layout Screen (see image). I click the circle next to 1 Column and click Save. Now my Message Board App fills the entire page.


Image of Page Layout Screen