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To "Roll the Bones" means to cast dice, especially in the reference to the game of craps, as in let's go to the casino and roll the bones tonight. This slang term was first recorded in 1897, but the noun bones has referred to dice since the late 1300s. Chaucer used the term in The Pardoner's Tale; the same Geoffrey Chaucer whom is known as the Father of English Literature. In the 1800's it was common for sailors to carry dice carved from whale bones for the purposes of gambling aboard their tall masted ships.

SUNY Broome Students can now earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in Casino Management.

The program was officially approved June 10 by the New York State Education Department.

The 63-credit program includes courses in marketing, the gaming industry, accounting, hospitality law and more, as well as a casino internship and a bartending class.

SUNY Broome also offers a 15-credit Casino Management Certificate that includes gaming surveillance and security, casino games, a casino operations management course and an internship.

SUNY Broome has its own mock casino, dubbed Casino Vespa, in the Science Building basement. The $300,000 facility includes a blackjack table, craps table, roulette wheel and a full-service bar, complete with casino ambiance and décor.

Program supervised by Professor Rey C. Wojdat, Chair, Hospitality Programs Department.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at (607) 778-5001.

Casino Vespa

Casino Management, AAS Degree

63 Credit Hours


HOS 101Introductions for the Hospitality Freshman3.0
CAS 101Introduction to the Gaming Industry3.0
HOS 115Hospitality Marketing & Promotions3.0
BIT 206IT for Service Industries       3.0
ENG 110 or 107College Writing I3.0


BHM 123Bartending and Beverage Management3.0
BHM 125W Hospitality Law3.0
CAS/CRJ 127Gaming Surveillance and Security3.0
BUS 108Accounting for a Service Business4.0


CAS 201Casino Internship I3.0


CAS 200Casino Games3.0
PSY 234Psychology of Addiction3.0
BUS 248Human Resource Management3.0
MAT 109
The Mathematics of Gaming4.0


 Math/Science Elective4.0
BHM 235  Hotel/Restaurant Cost Control4.0
CAS 210Casino Operations Management3.0
ENG ___Advisor Approved English3.0
PSY 240wPsychology of Advertising3.0



CAS 297Casino Internship II3.0

Casino Management Certificate

15 Credit Hours

CAS 101Introduction to the Gaming Industry3.0
CAS 200 Casino Games3.0
CAS 201Casino Internship I3.0
CAS 210Casino Operations Management3.0
CAS 127 / CRJ 127Gaming Surveillance and Security3.0