6th Annual Conference on Applied Ethics:

Technology and Ethics

April 4-5 2014 at SUNY Broome Community College

  • What are the ethics of data mining, genetic screening and hydrofracking?
  • What is the significance and future of neuroethics?
  • Can there be ethical guidelines for the production and use of chimeras?
  • Is there a right to technological connectivity?

Keynote speaker for this year's conference will be Dr. David Sloan Wilson, Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University. He is a prolific author and frequent speaker at conferences around the world. His address on Friday, April 4th at 7pm will be on, "Ethics, Technology and Evolution."


To find out more or if you are interested in getting involved with next year's Ethics Conference, please contact either Prof. Michael McKimmy or Prof. Joyce Prindle

David Sloan Wilson PhD.: